Simulator (SML8R)

The Simulator (SML8R) is the thing we use to be curious, and worry. The Simulator is where we tell ourselves Stories, of which the beginning alone and can prevent a tragic trajectory, like a nip in the bud.

The Trigger is X match. X is the Idea Editing Function (IEF). When Idea matches perception, behavior can be positive or negative. If two of two persons holds an old idea about the Situation, then the probability for negative behaviors and negative consequences is high. If two of two persons holds a current idea about the Situation, the probability for positive behaviors and positive consequences is high.

The Method accesses the SML8R (also the thing that the inner voice of the mind narrates) using the IEF and answers the following questions first: Is the trigger “thematch to the fuel, the beginning of the story now? Or is the trigger “at thematching-point of the beginning of a story of an old idea of self?

The Method steps the user through to a new idea of self that values things other than being seen, being heard, being understood, being held, being safe, leaving the mind open to hold the other person‘s idea of themselves, and perceive their world, of their ideas about the Situation, including their idea of the user. With this insight, the user will be able to predict their behavior with high probability, since there’s always a little chance involved.