The Pursuit of Happiness is an introduction to The MYW Method, and the first of a four part series. It outlines the System and the Ideas of The Method, shows how The Method can be used to Create Happiness, and can be thought of like a Summary. The Wisdom of Happiness explains everything needed to practice The Method, and it can be thought of as the Details. The Games of Happiness is the third part of the series, and is a companion to The Wisdom. It is composed of stories of how The Method can be used in the real world, and can be thought of as worked Examples. The School of Happiness is the fourth part of the series and is an online school offering Classes to those who need more.

Pursuit May 2021 Wisdom Summer 2021 Games Fall 2021 School Spring 2022

All four parts could be contained in one book, however the intention of The Pursuit is to share the main ideas as briefly as possible for those who want them for minimal investment. The intention of the third part, The Games, is to provide a more friendly and easy to read approach than The Wisdom, using only stories. It is hoped that the four parts offer the most useful configuration for all that are curious.