Politics is a tool we can use to help people work together for peace and prosperity.

Politics can be abused in many ways. Wealth generation is one of them. Wealth generation starts with the resources of the planet, then the work of man, and ends with the idea of money.

The idea of money is connected to the IOS

If the planet dies, then we do too, unless we find another planet, and nothing looks as good as Earth right now. Venus and Mars are already dead, so we know what it looks like. Earth is going the same way naturally, but we know this because we have technology, technology we are using to accelerate Earth’s demise, when it can be used to mitigate the demise.

The problem is that we operate with an Idea of Self (IOS), and this IOS creates our reality.

The IOS blinds us, and allows us to be manipulated

It is the IOS that allows the abuse of politics, wealth generation, and, frankly, the stupid behavior that we are exhibiting towards the planet, each other, and other life forms.

The solution is to release the IOS through Perception and Patience, and with its release Purpose can emerge.

Global Wealth 2019 $ 360,603 billion, population 7.7 billion, per capita $ 46,832.